Thursday, 1 September 2016

Moment in time

Chris and Marshall were at the beach having a lot of fun because they decided to skip school.  They were playing different kinds of games, such as soccer and volleyball.  “This is much better than school” said Chris.  “Yeah” replied Marshall.  “But I just feel a little guilty for skipping school” said Marshall.  “I don’t” replied Chris again.  They started playing more games until it was lunchtime.  They were starving like pigs that haven’t eaten in weeks.  They both then decided to eat until they were full.

Later on they noticed two teachers from their school.  “HEY” yelled Mr.s Calm.  “Well she doesn't look very calm today” giggled Chris.  “You two get here now”.  “We better make a run for it because time is money “.  Chris and Marshall were running as fast as cheetahs in the sand.  “My feet burn” Chris said to Marshall.  Marshall looked to see if the teachers were following them but suddenly he didn't look to see where he was going and tripped up over a big log.  “Are you alright” asked Chris.  “No” replied Marshall in a crying voice.  “HELP” screamed Chris but they were miles away from the people.  The teachers could see them and pulled over to the side of the road.  “What have you to done” said Mr.s calm.  “Let me call an ambulance and your parents”.  Marshall was screaming and crying.  The ambulance was on it’s way like a pack of cheetahs.  They came and saw the problem but he said Marshall should be alright it is just a scrape.  

You’re lucky said Mr.s Calm to both of them.  “And that’s why you come to school so you’re safe”.  “Yes” replied both of the boys.  Their parents were on there way.  “School is nearly over so you should just take the day off”.  “But remember to come to school tomorrow because you got a lot of work to catch up on” said Mr.s Calm.  Their parents finally turned up and told the teachers they are really sorry for what happened.  They boys said they are really sorry and they are really sorry to both the teachers and parents.  “We’ll we better get going” said Chris’s mum and off they went.  Marshall had to put a band-aid on his leg then he could go home

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