Monday, 17 October 2016

My Book Review   

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Rachel Renee Russell

Rachel Renee Russell

The Book Was About:
Nikki Maxwell is a High School student at WCD.  Her best friends are Chloe and Zoe but she has a big crush on a boy named Brandon.  Until her enemy Mackenzie took a video of Nikki and her little sister singing and dancing at Queasy Cheese.  Will it ruin her life?

What I Liked Best:
I liked when Nikki got asked to play her song for Trevor Chase the famous director.  Even though she didn’t win the contest she still got asked to perform her song at the studio.

What I Didn't like:
I didn’t like when Mackenzie won the contest because she didn’t deserve to win it.  Because she stole Nikki’s best friends and almost stole Nikki’s crush.

Favourite character and why?
My favourite character is Nikki Maxwell because she is funny, crazy and she calls herself

Would I Recommend this book:
I would Recommend this book because it is funny and very interesting to read.
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