Thursday, 16 February 2017

Waikanae Pools

On the 8th of February the whole of Rangikura school went to Waikanae Pools.  We were lucky enough to go to the pool because of the border of trustees.  There were more than 5 buses and there was only 1 bus for the parents, who did not have a car.  Everyone left at different times, but my syndicate went last.  We left a little bit after 9:15 Screenshot 2017-02-17 at 2.14.03 PM.png                  P1100697.jpg

When we arrived we got into our class lines and went in. Once everyone was there, the lifeguards told us some rules. Then we got into our togs and went in the pool. When I went to go on the slide the line was almost down to the bottom of the stairs.  I lined up because I knew the line was going to get longer. I waited almost 20 minutes to go down, it was so annoying.  I went back into the pool then it was lunchtime.  Everyone got told to get out of the pool and eat.  Most people applied some more sunblock because they were getting burnt.  Everyone hoped back in the pool and did some fun things.

When it was 1:45 everyone got out of the pool to get ready to go.  Luckily I got changed before 1:45, because it was going to get packed in the changing rooms.  Once everyone changed into clothes, the teachers did the roll, got there class in line, then we went back to the school.  Once we got to school everyone was allowed to go home.

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